From Our Archives- A Humorous Legacy Video

As Video Historians, who have produced hundreds of Legacy Videos and BiographyStories, we find that humor can enhance a video production.

Pete and Dee were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and wanted us to produce a video to be shown at a movie theater in front of 150 of their guests and family. While producing the script for this Legacy Video, we came up with an idea that humor should be used to entertain the guests while also showcasing the history of the 40 years of marriage of Pete and De.

By adding in just the right amount of humor can make a good Legacy Video a great Legacy Video.

It was fun reviewing this video from almost 20 years ago. In those days we used green screen effects as well as  TV and Hollywood movie clips to enhance the humor of our productions. We do not use that style of editing anymore yet every once in awhile we do get a request to do an over the top humor production.

We have hundreds of family documentaries in our library and we would be happy to share with you a video that will fit your style and production expectations. Call us at 617 733 3771 and we will send you different Legacy Videos for you to view.


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