Bar/Bat Mitzvah Montages

Many times when we have completed a Legacy Video we are added on as a Special Guest in The Family. This means that months or even years after the completion of a Video Family project we will get an call to produce another video for the family that might be different than what was first produced.

This happened to us with a family recently. We produced a wonderful Video Life Story for an aging grandfather and three years later we received a call to see if we could produce a special Bar Mitzvah montage for an upcoming party.

Although our speciality is producing family documentaries we always love a challenge. The theme of the Bar Mitzvah was Batman. We had fun producing a special introductory Bar Mitzvah video where the Bar Mitzvah boy “was missing” from the party.

You will enjoy watching this short six minute video. If you ever need an “out of the box” video for your next party- give us a call and we can make that happen!


From Our Archives- A Humorous Legacy Video