A Very Special Memorial Video

The toughest BiographyStory videos to produce are the ones when we are asked to videotape a family member who has only months or a few weeks to live.

This happened a few years ago when we received an e-mail from a daughter who told us her Mom only had months to live. We quickly started to videotape the Mom and her family as they lovingly told us about the memories, stories and history of this wonderful woman.

The Mom passed away a few weeks after the videotaping sessions. The daughter told us to hold off on the editing of the project and that she would get back to us once she was ready to finish the project.

A year passed when we heard from the daughter again. We decided to continue the project and to have people talk about what it was like a year after the passing of their Mom. It took awhile for everyone in the family to be videotaped, as for some members the loss of their Mom was too painful and they were not ready to be interviewed again.

On the second year anniversary of the Mom’s passing we showed a loving Legacy Video of the Mom and her family. It was amazing to have the Mom on a Legacy Video as she talked about the family values , history and her memories. For many , in the family, they had not seen their Mom since she has died and there she was on the screen talking to her family, grandchildren and great grandchildren as if , strangely, she was still alive. The tears, the laughter and the love in the room were intense as the life of this amazing woman was preserved forever!


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