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How Will You be Remembered?

Customized video biographies your family will cherish forever.

Your Video Legacy

Share the stories and memories of you , your parents, and grandparents, with a BiographyStory, so that your children and grandchildren can cherish their family history.

Start Your Video History

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Celebrate Your Memories!

Preserving your history is enjoyable and fun

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Step 1 —

Call or e-mail us to learn more about our BiographyStories and the different Video Legacies that we can produce for you.

Step 2 —

Schedule a free one hour consultation at your home or at our office to view video samples and to discuss your vision of the history you wish to produce.

Step 3 —

You will enjoy sharing your life story, memories and history during our video interview session.

Step 4 —

We will creatively edit your video interviews with family photographs, home movies and the music you enjoy, as we produce, for you , a personal BiographyStory.

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We are so grateful that you put together a Legacy Video of my Dad’s life and story, before he passed away. We now have two new Grandchildren and they will get to see, hear and enjoy the story of my Dad, as if he were here talking about his loving life. This is the best way to preserve the legacy of my Dad. I can not thank you enough.
— Donna Greenberg, Framingham, MA